Is it possible to connect tape device to external lvd connector with all 6 scsi hotswap disks in use

@ Customer
Have a compaq ML370 with 6 disk in 2 raid configurations, we need to connect external tape device, the server has a built in lvd connector on the mobo, but i am concerned that we will destroy the raid configuration, if we connect a tape device to that connecter... like on adaptec scsi controllers where there is only 2 channels but 3connectors.. so how many channels are there on the motherboard of the ML370 P1400 server.
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To answer this question boot the machine and enter the SCSI bios during bootup. You will be able to view the SCSI channels and their assigned devices. Older SCSI controllers have 7 channels while newer controllers have 16 or more. The critical factor for SCSI other than using compatible connectors/tech is placement of the terminator. The terminator balances the signals on the SCSI databus. There can be only one SCSI terminator. Terminators can be automatic, software, or hardware. Typically to use the external device you'll need to find an unused channel using the SCSI bios configuration utility, disable the internal terminator, power down the machine, install/enable the terminator on the external device, connect the device to the machine, power on, enter the SCSI bios and verify it can see the new device in addition to all the previous devices, and last configure the parameters as required for the new devices in the SCSI controller.

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David WallCommented:
Are you using  a built in raid card or a plug in one?
If it is built into the mother board you may find it necessary to use a seperate raid card for your tape drive, In order to get sufficent throughput to your tape.
edbgruppenAuthor Commented:
@ WallD>>The Raid controller is built in on motherboard.

@Ajermo>>  i was rather hoping for a "is not possible" or "is possible" solution, but if no one can provide that, i must go down your path :) but you know old production servers been running for years, dont mess too much around with raidcontrollers
edbgruppenAuthor Commented:
Found out that it is not possible, someone in my network already tried on a similar box
David WallCommented:
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