Do Dreamweaver sites behave better in most browsers than Frontpage?

I am proficient in FrontPage.  I was told that Dreamweaver has the advantage that it's pages stay as developed, in any browser, whereas FontPage's don't.  Does anyone have any experience they can share?
Thanks in advance.
Clive BeatonAccess DeveloperAsked:
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FrontPage is no longer supported by Microsoft, and at the latest release I don't think supported XHTML, which is the latest standard for web development.

DW does support XHTML and will develop pages that meet the required standards.

As for developing pages that stay the same in all browsers, this won't happen using any software for many years to come.  The problem is that developers can creates pages to meet web standards, but the browsers themselves don't conform to the same standards.  Firefox is about as close as there is, and IE7 is a huge improvement over IE6.  Hopefully IE8 will be XHTML compliant, meaning that the majority of the internet user base is covered.

So to answer your question, DW is better than Frontpage for developing, but it won't answer the issues of compatibility.  That comes down to trial and error (and posting questions here!).

The Microsoft equivalent of Frontpage is Visual Web Developer (which I now use), but again has the same limitations as far as deployment goes.

Hope that answers your question?!

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What you were told is hogwash. Frontpage could easily be the worst professional tool for webpage design in existance given its penchant for MS code bloat and total disregard for any browser besides IE.

DW, in comparison to FP, produces cleaner code with better x-browser results. But, and this is a really big BUT, x-browser compatibility is ultimately determined by the user, not DW. The user's knowledge and experience of tackling x-browser display issues and how to structure a layout with clean html/css code is the primary factor.

DW provides a robust toolset to help you control all aspects of your layout and assets. These are just tools though; you still have to learn how to apply them to your webpages in an x-browser manner.

>> Frontpage could easily be the worst professional tool for webpage design in existance given its penchant for MS code bloat and total disregard for any browser besides IE.

Well said. I was trying to be a bit more subtle...!  ;-)
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
And when v2Media says "user" he means the user creating the pages (you).  You can screw up a site in DW pretty easily but you can't blame the software, like you could with FP.
Clive BeatonAccess DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Thanks people.  Quick and to the point.  As this ansers the question, I'll post a separete question on Dreamweaver as the way to go.
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