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Loss the internet domain login and password

AXISHK asked
I have lost my internet domain login (my .com domain)  and password. Have any idea how to renew the user login and password ??

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If I understand the issue correcly you have lost your username and password for an internet site. If this is the case. Many internet sites have a link "Forgot Password" or "Lost pasword" or simular. Often all you are required to have is the email address  used during registration. Click the link, enter the email address and submit. An email with directions to reset your password should be sent. Follow the directions which may include links to reset your password.

These same tools often send username or have a seperate link for "Forgot Username".
I think he lost the u/p for the registrar where his domain name is hosted.

You can always call them up and have them sort it out over the phone.

There is typically a process for registrar's that involves proving your identity to regain access. Calling them is a first step. you might also goto their web page for the instructions. Network solutions used to require a fax with letterhead with the request and verifying the origional payment info.
this process is different with each registrar.

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