JPG 2 Visio

    Any suitable freeware / software utilities to convert JPG file to Microsoft VISIO.

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scrathcyboyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
visiso does not edit JPG files, it only can import them as an "object" to show in the visio program.  To edit the JPG, use this terrific free program IRFANVIEW -- -- it costs you nothing, it can edit the JPG file or resize it, or whatever, and save it, then you import the file into visio.  This is no different than importing a JPG into a word processor -- the best it can do is resize it, but it cannot edit the JPG file.  But Irfanview can, and it is one of the best programs available for free that can edit JPG files in details.
Scott HelmersVisio Consultant, Trainer, Author, and DeveloperCommented:

I guess it depends what you're trying to accomplish, but you don't need to convert jpg images in order to use them in Visio. Visio can import jpgs along with many other image file formats -- just select "Insert/Picture/From file..." from the Visio main menu, and select jpg as the file type. (Actually, you won't need to select the file type, in all likelihood, because the import default is a long list of file types that already includes jpg.)

Once the image is on the page, you can add Visio properties to it if you want to, e.g., shape data (aka custom properties),  Visio-specific actions and behaviors, etc.

Does this sound sufficient or are you trying to accomplish something else?

DARSHANDIORAAuthor Commented:
    I wish to modify and edit the JPG image in Viso, after importing/inserting as picturein visio it's not allowing for editing, how can this be done.

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