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How do I create and deploy Images using Norton Ghost?

Hi all,
I want to be able to write images to DVD'S for various different models Pc's and laptops and then essentially just manually image the pc's or laptop's by placing the disk in the drive and booting the particular PC from cd/dvd Drive.

Now I have researched this and I also tried to use RIS but I could not get a server authorised for DHCP so it was a no go. So I am back to step one.

I need to know to know what version of Ghost I need to use. (e.g. Ghost Solution Suite 10)
How the process will work. From how to create Image and how to burn to as an appropriate file that boot automatically on host Pc?
And any sound advice you can offer to me.
Also do I need to have a Ghost Server or can I use a high spec Pc as Ghost Server.

I ordered a version of Ghost from a retailer and asked for a server edition but what I got was a standard version of Ghost 12 which does not suit my needs. Another thing that I find a bit odd is that if you use a DOS bootable cd rom with an image on it you would have to legally purchase a Ghost License for every Pc. Surely this is very expensive and not practical.
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I think the version you are looking for is called Ghost Solution Suite 2.0

You have a console (server) software version, and then a client version installed on each client pc.

More info here regarding boot cd etc.

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