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Need to set XP folder security on XP WS in AD enviourment to full permissions for everyone from AD or command line

We are running a MS AD server 2003 environment where software are installed via Ghost AI packages.
When a package is made of an proprietary application on the packet builder XP WS,
Ghost fails to record that a program library afterwards the primary installation has been given full access to user "everyone" in order to function.

How can  we correct this either from the AD or via a command line script ?


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If I follow your question correctly, you're looking at applying permissions to a folder from a command line.
You can use the cacls utility for this:

cacls C:\MyFolder /T /E /G Everyone:F

/T = push to all subfolders
/E = edit the ACL instead of replacing it (i.e leave the current perms in place)
/G = Grant "Everyone" : F(ull control)

Hope that helps - cacls /? will give you further options.

You can use Group Policy to configure File System permissions.

1. Open the policy you wish to use in the Group Policy Editor.
2. Navigate to Computer Configuration / Windows Settings / Security Settings / File System.
3. Right-click File System and press Add File.
4. Browse to the file or folder whose permissions you wish to configure, select it, and press OK.
5. In the Database Security for <File or Folder> dialog, set the permissions and press OK.
6. In the Add Object dialog, make your selection and press OK.

From: http://www.jsifaq.com/SF/Tips/Tip.aspx?id=8724



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