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Connect to MS SQL Database over VPN

Let me preface this question by saying that until last week I lived in a LAMPS world.  My new employer lives in an MS world and I am not at all familiar with some of the technology.

I work remotely, and yesterday they hooked me up with a VPN connection to a virtual server for a DotNetNuke installation.  No problem making the VPN connection or accessing the site, mapping the drive, etc.  

They did give me the SQL server name, but I have no idea how to go about connecting to the database.  I have the SQL Server name, and I have been able to pull what looks like the connection string from the DotNetNuke config file.  It contains the Data Source, Initial Catalog, User ID, and Password.

What tools can I use (equivalent to phpMyAdmin or MySQL Query Browser) to access this database?


Alan Pollenz
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the best way is using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio whcih your company should have the software for with the sql disk set


Thanks, I'll ask about that today.


PS - I'll wait just a bit on awarding points on this.
thats fine
SQL Server management studio can be cumbersome if you're new to it. What are you trying to do over the connection? Make and edit database schemas or just access data? if so by what means? ie what language /application are you trying to create?


I need the ability to create and edit schemas as well as access and edit data.  Initially, I will be working both with DotNetNuke as well as a website written in ASP that delivers dynamically generated content based on the user's status within the organization.

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