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Configuring QOS on cisco 800 series routers

jonbev asked
We have a network of 3 sites all running 2 Cisco 877 (12.4(9)T4) routers with a broadband line connected to each.

We are using Splicecom Maximiser phone systems on each site and I would like to setup qos to fix problems with quality when the network is busy.

By poking around on the internet I have found some info and tried to get it working using the following -
class-map match-all ef
 match ip dscp cs5

policy-map ef-first
 class ef
  priority 1000
 class class-default

Unfortunatly this doesnt seem to be working. Any cisco experts out there?



Info from the Splicecom manual -
Quality of Service (QoS)
DiffServ provides the primary QoS mechanism for maximiser based systems to preserve
voice quality in converged IP networks. maximiser marks the voice IP datagrams it generates
so that routers and switches can give these packets priority over data datagrams. This is
important when using slower or congested links to avoid voice degradation when data is very
active. This is achieved by;
" Setting the SERVICE TYPE of every voice IP datagram to the value of 0xA0
" When using the DIFFERENTIATED SERVICES interpretation of the SERVICE
TYPE, the CODEPOINT (DSCP) is set to 40
" When using the older TYPE OF SERVICE (TOS) interpretation, the PRECEDENCE is
5, D is 0, T is 0, and R is 0
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I'm not a Cisco "expert", but I have several 2800 and 800 series routers. I have a Cisco VoIP solution and we also had to implement QoS on your WAN links that had less bandwidth.

When creating these rules, I found it was easiest to use the Cisco Router and Security Device Manager (SDM). You can install it on your workstation or router. I prefer to keep it on the workstation as to keep the routers flash available for important things like IOS image updates or config backups. Plus, keeping the SDM updated on multiple routers can become a pain when your flash is mostly used.

The SDM "smart wizards" make it simple to setup QoS and to monitor the links and tune accordingly.
(I'm new to this site so excuse the "double post". I couldn't see a way to edit my last post?)

I forgot to mention, you'll have to enable ip https server to connect via a secured connection. I set my authentication to local to use my defined users instead of just the enable password. You also have the option to use AAA if you have that configured.

config t
ip http secure-server
ip http authentication local
Hi thanks but I have tried using the SDM before.

Anyone else?