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Sorting selective Files in a portal

gevensen asked
im trying to selectively sort files in a portal
for example my table contains years 2006,2007
i have to sort by account but  i just want to show the files for 2007 and not 2006
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in the main table, add a global field, "year"
make a value list: year_list: 2006 and 2007
add this field to the relationship used by the portal and link it to the year of the sub table.
make the year field a popup.
now when you select the year it should filter the sub-records in the portal.


ok that worked the i linked the year fields on the 2 tables on the relationship s in manage database, made a popup that draws from the available years in the table that contained the records and now when i search using the name it only draws from the soecified year

this ones solved thanks

it brings another question i will try to solve 1st or ill poast another question

if theres no matching files i cant send a 0 received  invoice

ill ask that in another question thanks

use count(related_table::anyfield) to determine if you should send something

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