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How to prevent installation of USB drives in domain

hassanmian asked
How can I prevent users from installing USB drives on their computers. We are using windows server 2003, and all clients using XP Pro SP2. Is there any simple and easy way of doing this though the GP.
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there is a microsoft approved way see knowledgebase note http://support.microsoft.com/kb/555324
did this help?


WELL......NO. WHY? because it was too confusing for me. how to add this template in my GP etc. i as thinking i might do something wrong. can you help fully how to do that or anyother way of doing this. thanks
sorry i did not mean to confuse.
To collate all the information on how to do this would take me hours,
I hopeyou dont mind but I have found a website that has a downloadable adm file and instructions on using it.
I hope this helps clear things up
did you get this resolved?


Yes! it was resolved. it was tricky though. i spent about 2 hours in fixing this. i have created a new OU put all relevent computers in that OU and applied this USB policy in that OU and its working now. THANKS!!!!

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