What happened to my cursor???

Hello - another "what the heck did I change, and how/where do I change it back?"

I was copying & pasting some jpg's into a Word doc (2003), they were too large, I was playing around with the picture toolbar & Page Setup, trying to get them to fit within the page, and gave up.

Now, this morning, when I get into my regular doc's (in Outline View, fwiw), the cursor symbol is a short, bold vertical hyphen-looking character, instead of the normal tall, thin vertical bar.

What the heck did I change, and how/where do I change it back?


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mlagrangeAuthor Commented:
I just realized - the "Zoom" setting was still on 50%. I put it back to 100%, and the cursor is back to normal.

Sorry - not enoough coffee yet...

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