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OWA for Exchange won't display content

I have two systems (a laptop running XP and a Desktop running XP) both are using Internet Explorer 7.0.
When I try to connect to my outlook account, one of the systems will not let me respond, create or foward an email.  I can see my account.  I can delete emails.  I can move emails from the inbox to other folders.  But when I try to create a new email it opens a window with the address information and allows me to fill that area in, however in the pane that represents the body of the message it has the little box with a red X in it.  Like it can't display the content.  If I try to forward or reply, I can address the email, but can not write in the body area and when I submit, the recepient a blank email.  Now a new employee with our company is having the same problem with her desktop at home.
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Vishal BreedProgram Manager

Try installing Hot Fix KB 924334.

This has resolved issue mentioned by you for my 5 Customers!!!


Hot Fix KB 924334 looks like a hot fix for the exchange server.  Since the problem is encounter by clients wanting to access via OWA, if this were the issue, I would think all clients running IE 7 would be experiencing the problem.  It appears to be browser related rather than Exchange related.
Top Expert 2007
I would compare the IE7 settings on the working and non-working machines first.

It could also be an Exchange issue that has problems with certain IE7 settings, so I would definitely make sure you have all the correct patches in place.

As usual, do a System State backup before any patch installs.

I hope this helps !

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