I need to benchmark all the computers on my network

I am interested in a Benchmarking solution for testing the 30 or so computer in my companies Network and getting the results all in a central location so I can see which systems are in need of replacement.  

Also maybe there is a solution out there that will track common errors as well.  I know about many ofthe personal solutions out there for Degragmentation and Registery Errors, but is there something that can be managed from a single point for all the computers I am responsible for.
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Wes MillerInfromation Technology SupportCommented:
We use the BMC Configuration Management solutions:
    Which can do everything you want.....
Coordinate Windows Vista upgrades via built-in templates that support the Microsoft Business Desktop Deployment (BDD) methodology
Meet demanding compliance and audit requirements
Deploy and update images via recommended Microsoft standard Windows Image (WIM) and ImageX tools and formats
Centrally manage all Windows Vista image, build parameters, and patches through the BMC Configuration Management infrastructure
BMC Configuration Management solutions support industry best practices, including the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) and are an integral part of the BMC Change and Configuration Management solution strategy. A strategy that delivers integrated and automated change management, release management, and configuration management into a closed-loop process encompassing all phases of the change life cycle: request, planning, implementation, and verification.


wvbeanerAuthor Commented:
This could work, but it sounds like it could be over kill and expensive.  We aren't big enough to mess with imaging, and we simply use WSUS for patch management.

Will this system work with simple benchmarking and reporting of this info?
Wes MillerInfromation Technology SupportCommented:
Sorry the the delay in response,
 Yes see this link : http://www.bmc.com/products/proddocview/0,2832,19052_19429_18235410_106786,00.html
Business Need
Auto-populate and maintain Configuration Management Database (CMDB) with configuration items (CIs)
Collect details about complete network of operating systems, hardware, and software
Report user performance issues across the organization
Plan large implementations, rollouts, or operating system migrations across disparate workforce
Key Features & Benefits

Integrates with the BMC Atrium CMDB
Automates collection of hardware, software, and system information, ensuring accurate data for corporate, regulatory, and license compliance
Provides customizable, open architecture with extendable schema for custom data collection and integration
Reduces support costs by providing the help desk with details that enable them to remotely troubleshoot and correct problems
Identifies which machines meet system requirements and which ones need upgrades
We use Marimba along with IssueTrak : http://www.issuetrak.com/
 For our Support & Tracking System.


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wvbeanerAuthor Commented:
Great this puts me on the right track.  Thank You.
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