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SQL User-Mappings missing aftre reboot

jlewy11 asked
I have an application that requires db_owner of certain databases in SQL. I select my user mappings and all is well. After I reboot my server all those settings are missing. This is a new server running Server 03 with all Windows Updates as of 1/29/08. The databases are restores from an old server but came from another machine running SQL 2005 SP2.
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Maybe you have a startup procedure or a job that resets your permissions. To check if there are startup procedures run the following script

use master
select * from sys.object where objectproperty(object_id,'ExecIsStartup')=1

If the query returns something - investigate.

If nothing found - look at the jobs. Stop and restart SQL Server only (without Agent) and check if your permissions are still in place. If they are, look at the jobs.
thanks mar but I figured out what the problem was. I set permissions under the model db which saved what I needed.

You can close this question.

Thank you.

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