Will Linksys speedboost work between a router/gateway and an access point?

I have a computer that cannot be hard wired, and want to maximize the network through-put.  I currently have a WRT54GS router used as an internet gateway, and can get a 2nd identical one from a friend for next to nothing (I do not want to purchase an internal card for this additional wireless PC).  Can the two routers (one remaining as the gateway, and the new one setup as the access point) be speedboost enabled between the two devices, or is the speedboost technology only for connections between a router and an actual wireless NIC?  

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So you want to use the second router as a wireless bridge? Is this correct? In other words you want to connect the two routers wirelessly? Or are you just concerned about Speedbooster working between devices? Speedbooster does work between the devices when they are wired together by cable. If you would like to connect them wirelessly that is also possible. I have connected multiple Linksys access points like this one but in order to do so, I had to use third-party firmware
The setup on the router is a little complicated (but not too bad). This site explains the best way to do it:
Good luck!
TWCMILAuthor Commented:
I thought speedboost was only applicable for wireless, not wired.  But yes, I basically just want to use the 2nd router as a bridge to my main router which is connected to the internet, and has several PC's hardwired.  I am confident I can get the connection going, but will speedboost work between the two routers.

Ohhhhh... I see what you mean now. Will Speedboost be carried over from the endpoint device to your gateway router. Well actually, you won't need it to. It boosts 802.11G speeds which are theoretically 54 Mbps. So it will boost your connection to the endpoint router. If you connect that router to the first with a cable, that link will run at 100Mbps. So yes it will work just as you want.

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