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Spoolsv.exe and System process running at 100% constantly on our print server

PeteJThomas asked
IBM xSeries 300
Windows Server 2000 SP4

The problem started this morning when a specific printer would not print - No obvious reason, but jobs just sat in the queue - All other printers were working ok. Checking the print server, I found that the CPU was at 100%, approx 50% spoolsv and 50% System. Tried to restart the print spooler service but in starting it 'Failed Unexpectedly'. Restarted the server, but before the desktop even appeared it was at 100% again.

Now the Printer Spooler service 'Fails unexpectedly' at random times, and will never start up again without a reboot. The server is constantly at 100%, making it very hard to do anything. The original printing problem still exists with that ONE printer. I've tried removing the driver and reinstalling (a fresh downloaded driver from Kyocera), clearing the spool\PRINTERS directory, recreating the queue etc, but nothing has had any effect.

I've attached a couple of pics from task manager etc just as examples...

This is my first post on here so please excuse me if I've missed any obviously important info, just let me know what you need to know and i'll get it.

Many thanks for any suggestions anyone can offer,

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Sounds like your Spooler service is corrupted which is usually a sign of bad drivers. Since you have eliminated that as a problem you could try cleaning the spooler service using this tool: http://members.shaw.ca/bsanders/CleanPrinterDrivers.htm.
The only way to repair a corrupt Spooler service that I know of is to either try to repair the OS through the recovery console or reinstall the OS. However, you also have the option (and this is what I would do) of moving the printer shares to a different server if you have one. Good luck.
You could also try going  into the printer control panel and turn off the spooler and let the printer print from the web.


Thanks Cedar, I'll let you know if any of your suggestions worked!!
Good luck!


Is it worth updating all the drivers on the print server? I've only done it for the one at the moment, as this was the printer that stopped printing at the same time the main problem occured... I figured that this was a good indicator that if it was a driver issue then that would be the driver to update, but I can update them all if you think it's worth trying!

Many thanks for your help so far...


Followed the instructions in that link... To be honest it didn't seem to have any effect straight away, so I assumed it hadn't worked, but this morning all is ok! The wonders of IT... :)

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