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Reseting Oracle File Permissions as it was just after instalation

regisdaniel asked
Hi experts.

Last night I needed to replace a harddisk on my oracle server to another one with more capacity. For complete this task, I did the folowing.

1) Disable Oracle AutoStart on Linux.
2) Shutdown the server
3) Put the new HD, partitioned, formated, and copy the files as ROOT user.
4) Shutdown the server again, remove the old HD, change FSTAB do point the oracle mount points to the new HD
5) Poweron the server, change the permissons to oracle folder (/u01 and /u02. Oracle Instalarion Folders and binaries are on /u01 mouting point)
6) Change owner on /u01 and /u02 to oracle, recursivelly.
7) Change filemode on /u01 and /u02 to 775, recursivelly.
8) Starts the oracle from the new HardDisk.

The database started fine. EM also stared with no problems.
But, when EM try to execute a JOB, that is a operating system command, it doesn't execute, and tells that it "cannot read error message from input".

I think that could can be happening because the permissions that I changed. Does anybody know what could be done to solving this?

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When you copied the files as the root user, did you maintain the file permissions? This would have been far easier than trying to guess what file has what permission.

If possible, repeat the process using rsync -Ha so that all permissions are maintained.

Also, normally Oracle doesn't need to own /u01 and /u02. It is OK for root to own these but oracle would own the subdirectories where it needs to read from and write to.



Hi rolutola.

Thanks for your answer.
When copied the files, the permissions was changed to the root user. This is why I used the chown and chmod to set all files to oracle user. Unfortunately I can't recopy the files, since the new harddisk already entered in production mode...

I would check the preferred credentials stored in EM for the Host you are running against.  Make sure that user does have privileges to the machine.


Hi joebednarz.

The user is the same used to log on before changing the harddisk, the oracle user. I also tried to reconfigure credentials to use the root user, but the error persists.


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