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client pc's not getting time from the server

I have a client with about 80 pc's all set to get time from the server.  But they unfortunately are not.  I checked to make sure that the w32time is running, it is.  I also restarted that service, just to be sure.  Just to let you know this server is windows 2003 standard and they have endpoint.  What should I do?
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try to stop the endpoint and see it they can get the time.

try to run w32tm /resync from a pc and see if that is sucessful or what the error is

thry net time \\server  /set  /y  and see if that works.

These will tell if they can communicate or not and the potential problem.


I tried the w32tm /resync command it ran, unfortunately the pc i have access to has the server's time already.  If I were to change the time of that pc, and then did the resync command would that work?
yes, it should,  do not make it more than 4 minutes at 5 minutes you will not be able to authenticate to the domain

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