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Outlook Application Development

SimonGClarke asked
I am trying to develop an application (basically a sales database) in Outlook (mixture of Outlook XP and 2000) with an Exchange Server 2000 as a back-end.

I have created a public folder called 'sales database' containing company records and have designed a form accordingly. What I need to do though is to have the second tab of the form displaying a list of all related personal contacts from a sub folder (linked using either an internal ID or by company name/department) preferably in a listview control - although I am open to other ideas.

Does anybody have any ideas as to best way to go about this in principal?
I am quite happy coding in VBScipt or VBA but don't know either Outlook or its object model so well.

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Top Expert 2010
Hi, SimonGClarke.

You can use the Find or Restrict method of the subfolder's Items collection to find all the items that match a condition.  Your code would then need to itterate through the the matching records adding them to your list view.  


Thanks for the response - certainly seems to do the trick. Didn't think it would be as simple as that!
Due to the open nature of the question, I'll leave the post open for a couple of days then the points are yours.
Thanks again.
Top Expert 2010

No problem and you're welcome.

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