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LTO4 and Veritas 10d or 11d

Alex Mahy
Alex Mahy asked
Hi All
Quick question which I cant find an answer for..
Does anyone know if Symantec Veritas 10d or 11d support LTO4 drives?
We will be taking delivery of a Dell LTO4 POwervault MLP 6010 and need to know if we will have issues.
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I believe the short answer is yes, I have LTO 4 libraries running on 11D for certain.  I can't speak to powervault specifically but here is the link to the HCL from Symantec BE 11.  I can't find my 10D to know for sure.  


I hope that helps
Alex MahyGroup IT Manager


Hi A2
thanks for the prompt reply. I had already managed to speak to Dell who confirmed what you said RE 11d. I need to confirm 10d however and Symantecs website is rubbish. I have spent ages on the phone trying to get them to send me their HCL as it is impossible to dwonload from it (see link below)

Here is the link the the compatibility page

Here is the link to the 11 compatibility chart

bottom line 10d does not 11 does
sorry cut myself off short, 11 does support LTO4 but does not mention that specific version. best to give them a call.
hey IPF, I realized I put in the link to the software HCL. Sorry about that, it does seem you have the answer for 11D.    I did check Symantec's site for version 10 and I can't find anything definitive.  I am looking through my local docs to see if a copy of the 10D.  I am going into a meeting so I won't know for about an hour.
Alex MahyGroup IT Manager


thats brilliant A2..Ill give ya the points..if you could let me have the HCL I would be eternally grateful

IPF, I don't have the docs local either.  I did open a case with Symantec and their official position is it isn't supported in 10d.  With that said, if ntbackup sees the drive it will work with BE.


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