Error occuring in Mysql 5.0 -VB.net2003 connection using adodb connection

Hi experts,
         I am trying to upgrade my project from mysql 4.x to mysql 5.x . My codes are working fine with mysql 4.x.
         but when I connect my code to mysql 5.x database at one point i got End of file thought there is data in database which I can find using client software for mysql like Toad and Heidi Sql.

       I am using adodb connectivity in my code from beginning so it will be very hart to migrate to oledb or mysql default providers.

        When i connect my code to mysql 4.x database it works fine and fetches the data.

this is my query

select sum(qd.cost) from qt_quote_details qd, qt_client_details c, qt_benefit_details b where c.client_id=b.client_id AND b.benefit_id=qd.benefit_id and qd.process_id=c.process_id and c.client_id=501 and qd.application_name='AVI'

same query works with mysql 4.x but not with mysql 5.x in my 2003 code only else it works fine in client softwares like toad and mysql.

         Few weeks before I faced the same problem and at time there was a column in database with datatype decimal and after changing it to double everything starts working again but now there is not such column in my database.

         Please give appropriate solutions.

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adrpoConnect With a Mentor Commented:


What driver are you using to connect to the mysql 5.x database?
It might be that you need to use the newer ODBC driver for 5.x.

Try to take and install the new driver:

Then use this new one when you connect to the 5.x MySQL.

navtaraincAuthor Commented:
I am using mysql odbc driver 3.51.11

Then try using the odbc 5.1 and see how that goes.

navtaraincAuthor Commented:
thanks it is working now
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