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Astaro Secure Gateway  Authentication

mhamer asked
If you use one of these which authentication method did you go for?

Active Directory Auth concerns me, not sure why im sur ethey have plugge dthe holes etc, leaning to wards radius.

are my concerns linking a firewall directly in to AD grounded?  or a bit old fashioned?

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This is a matter of preference and is debated.

I believe that a company should treat perimeter authentication differently than internal austhentication.

Using AD for remote access uses the same auth internally and externally.

I also believe that perimeter authentication requires another level of authentication such as 2-factor authentication such as RSA SecurID.

Google or let me know if you need more info.

Also Radius is a great authentication and accounting protocol server that will allow you to easily connect to an ACE server (for SecurID).

Let me know if you need more info.


thank you   early day's

havent actually got it to join domain or authenticate yet :-)

I do like your point about using same authentication method.
Actually, I'm saying that I like different authentication for perimeter versus internal.
Use 2-factor (keylogger proof) auth at the perimeter and AD/LDAP for the intranet.

Good luck.

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