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Is there a tool that can perform the conversion of flowcharter to visio files ?

please help.
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I just attended the 2008 Visio Conference at Microsoft and saw the product below demonstrated. I don't have first-hand experience with the software but know the vendor by reputation:

Product: MultiConverter
Vendor: DataAssist
URL: http://www.dataassist.de/en/software/multiconverter

From the web site:
MultiConverter is a work station solution which allows a smooth, true and accurate 1:1 conversion from the source formats Corel Draw up to V12, Corel Designer up to version 11, Micrografx FlowCharter (FLO and AF3) and Corel iGrafx v2000 up to v2003 to Microsoft Office Visio 2000 up to 2007.

How the converter works:
MultiConverters special features include a comfortable and editable conversion thanks to the editable mapping between iGrafx elements and Visio shapes and an additional, fully editable stencil.

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