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install wild card SSL certificate in multiple servers

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Last Modified: 2010-08-01
I have installed the godaddy.com wild card certificate in the first server (Windows Server 2003, Enterprise) which is the domain server and where the Exchange Server 2003 resides. I have secured the OWA https://mail.cilorlando.org/exchange However how do I Install the certificate in the other server which is the web server, Running Windows Server 2003, Standard) and IIS and is where the Database resides. I want to replace the self-signed certificate with the godaddy.com certificate in https://www.cilorlando.org/private

 Thank you,

Mario Romero

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Systems Engineer
You need to export the certificate and import it to other servers.  This is provided that you installed the cert and made it exportable.  Otherwise,

- Open IIS Manager, expand Web Sites
- Right-click your site with the SSL cert on it, and select properties.
- Select the Directory Securty tab
- Under Secure Communications, click Server Cetificate and click next.
- Select Export the current cert t a .pfx file
- Name it something, click next
- enter a password twice, click next
- you get a summary, click next

You can now move this .pfx file what ever server you need.  In IIS Manager, you follow a similar process to import the certificate.  Use the wizard, select import a cert for pfx... and follow wizrad.


Thank you, that sounds right,.. I am going to try your suggestions but do I need to wait for all users to be logged out of the server and the page? I am thinking it would be best since I dont want it to cause other problems.

Dan McFaddenSystems Engineer

It would be good practice to wait.  But it may not be necessary.  If you are forcing SSL on the site, then I would wait until you can get everyone off the site.  if you are not forcing SSL, then you can just add the cert and be done with it.


Ok, I think I have successfuly imported but now when II go to https://mail.cilorlando.org/exchange I get an empty Choose a Digital Cetificate pop-up box, how do I get rid of it, any ideas? I have got complains from my bosses about the box. It doesn't show in our other secured pages lke https://www.cilorlando.org/private.

what ever button I click, the box goes away and I go to the page, it only appear the first time I open the page if I reload,it doesnt appear, Ideas?

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