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Restrict Access On IE7 To Only One Specific IP Address?

I have PCs that act like kiosks for our guests.  I wanted to know how I can lock down IE7 so that when launched, it would only allow the user to browse to a specific IP address (website).  I know there is a kiosk mode in IE but I don't know if that would completely work or not.  Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I am hoping there is a way to do with with a VBScript or *.reg file for easier/quicker deployment.
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OK, it's not VB or a .reg file, but it does work.

What you can do is to go into IE7 and then select Tools and Internet Options. On the Content tab, Enable the Content Advisor. Then click on Settings and the Approved Sites tab. On that tab add the following sites:
Always: whatever site you want to have access to
Never: http://*

That will block all access to the internet except those sites on which you enter as "Always".

Hope that helps.

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