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mpage asked
I have old documents that use the Optima font, we just installed a new computer and loaded Office 2003.  I have installed the optima cyr font into fonts.  Office has the new optima cyr font in the fonts list but when I open a document that uses the optima font th font is not correct in the document.  I can highlight the font and change it to optima cyr.  I am not sure if optima and optima cyr are the same font.  The documents were working well with the old computer.  

Any help with this woud be appreicated.

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Several suggestions:
1.  Delete the font and reinstall.
2. copy the font from the old computer and install on the new computer.


I have tried that a few times.  I have even tried to uninstall Office 2003 and reinstall it in a different location.  I also installed office 2003 on a different computer and installed that same font on the other computer, same problem.

Is there a way to register a font to a document so all documents that have that font will use the new font.  Example, Optima is on all of the docs that I have, I want optima to be replaced with optima cyr.
The name of the font is different, you can change the name prior to installation.  On the old computer, what is the font called.  You cannot just copy that font to the new computer and install it?


When I go into fonts and install it shows the cyr at the end of the font name.  It does not show the cyr in the file name.  Do you know how to change the name that is displayed by the font program.

Thanks for the help
In going to the Fonts under the Control Panel, the font name and the file name are not the same.  Therefore, I would conclude that the font name is embedded within the font file (This means that you cannot change the name in the font program).  If you click on the specific font, you can view the font information including copywrite info.


Thanks for your help


Thank you for your help, you did great with the information that I gave you.