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Software tool / program to aid in recovering data from a failed hard drive

Any suggestions on what tools/programs that can be very usefull in retreiving data from a failed harddrive? The drive is a Toshiba 80g 1.8".
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Spinrite works great.  



thanks. i checked that out. any other suggestion? i need at least 3, because i have to submit this to somebody that will decide which to one to get and he pays for this too. thanks.
The thing with a failed HDD is that it could be a whole host of problems, if there is dust in the HDD this would need to be sent to a specialist company that deals in data recovery this WILL cost you more money than its worth. If it has failed on the HDD main board, you can buy the exact same model and swap out the boards, if the partition has been lost you could always use programs like Disk Internals Partition Recovery or a free version that does not always recover very well but it does work called PCI File Recovery. These can be found at



i understand your point. thanks. I am not really sure how critical the data stored in this drive but i hope these suggestions will work on it. closing.
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Before buying software it is a good idea to check the viability of the drive itself. Ways to do this would be to
check the BIOS to see if it is seen and identified.

If it is seen properly in BIOS and passes the drive fitness test, then use a live bootable cd like Knoppix or BartPE to see if you can actually access the drive and read some of the data.
If its readable with either then you can transfer the data off the hard drive to an external device or even over a network connection.
If its not readable, next would be to run a drive fitness test which can be found on the Ultimate Boot cd
If the computer it is in is in question, then you can remove the hard drive an put it in an external case that hooks up by USB as in your previous question.
At this point if the hard drive is still inaccessable then the only way to get the data is to send it to a recovery agency like Gillware http://www.gillware.com/ 
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Ah, missed the boat, took too long responding.

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