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Assistance needed regarding distribution groups in exchange / outloook

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Hello everyone,

Using Exchange 2003 and Outlook 2003

I was hoping if someone could tell me how to give a user permissions to add/modify/delete members of a distribution group in Outlook.

I know they can click on the address book, find the distribution group, goto properties, click on add member, but then it says "do you have permissions to modify...etc etc"

I tried making the user the owner of the group, but it still wouldnt allow him...what am I missing?

Is there something special I have to do in exchange / active directory to allow users access to modify groups through outlook?
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In active directory, there is a tab for the group called "Managed By". In that box you place the active directory account for the user you wish to allow management for that list.

Below that is a checkbox to allow that user to update membership of that group/distribution list.
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Got it, I forgot about the checkbox, thanks!

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