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Multiple Monitors wont Work

I have a user who has 2 monitors, Dell D630 Laptop, D-Dock and for some reason I just can't get the dual monitors to work with the docking station.  Anyone have any ideas or see a similar issue? Deleted from device manager, resinstalled drivers. Installed software utilities per Dell and yes prior to video drivers. This one is kicking my a$$.  Any help is greatly appreciated.
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A hardware limitation prevents both external monitors from running if the built-in is still on in any way. Press Fn+F8 once to enable external outputs, then one more time to disable the built-in monitor. That should enable them both to work.
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I think you need to close the lid on the laptop to enable the second monitor to startup, it will also turn off when the lid is opened. Use an external keyboard and mouse as the laptops will be covered when using 2 monitors.


settings got hosed last week and this fixed it. Thanks!
No problem. Glad to help =)

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