lost connection to the server

at mid day today 29 /01 all the computers cannot connect to the server..
the server i checked is fine no hardware failure...after a try and try with the connections i found that my modem router dsl was down...i tried i got it up then the connection to server comes back..
i have two dell servers..
one for the main jobs second for the internet and email server..
the main server is
second pc is
the dsl is (to connect to the router for the )internet

each pc i create an ip as follows
deault gateway: --->router
pref dns:>main server (jobs)
alter dns server192.168.1.254 ----->router
in advanced i have two ip ( and
when the dsl was down everythings is down
how i can setup this in the future that when i lost dsl i will still have connection to my main server
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savoneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, all your PC's should be on the same subnet (for the simple and effective setup)

Is the main server in a different location?  If it is not then...

I would put ALL the machines on the same subnet, for example:

each pc i create an ip as follows

deault gateway: --->router
pref dns:>main server (jobs)
alter dns server192.168.1.254 ----->router

Reassign your servers to be on the same subnet
Main server:
Secondary server:

Now even if your internet goes down everything inside the lan can still communicate.

remember to take out any statically assigned IPs from your DHCP pool

If your man server is at a different location your will not be able to connect to it if your internet is down.  Sorry, the only option would be to get a back up cable/dsl connection.

Good luck!
asaidiAuthor Commented:
means my job server with ip will be
and each pc i create one ip
like :
default gateway:
and i will have connection to my jobs and to the internet..
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