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Simple question, what Anti Virus do you recommend and why?

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Last Modified: 2013-11-22
I usually use AVG for my AV requirments, but since i have bought a new laptop with vista on it, AVG is not running too well and norton is a resource hog... can you recommend a good AV for vista (it should be totally compatable and reliable)
Also kindly tell me why you recommend it... have you used it? past experiences.. anything.

Note: It does not have to be free... commercial softwares are fine. (If you work for the company you are promoting kindly also mention that)

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The latest McAfee has a good track record of being low resource and very compatable with vista.  I personally don't recommend it since i don't think it does a good job with detection.

Using UAC essentially eliminates all need for AV, if you disable secure desktop, but keep the rest of UAC functional, it's basically a non factor in everday use and will keep you safe from 99% of threats.  Switching to vista x64 will also increase your security, but decrease your compatability.

It's a personal preference in the end, i've used x64 with UAC and no AV since RTM and haven't had any issues.
I don't know if I would rely solely on UAC for my total defense against the ever changing  and adapting hacker community.

I don't think you will get around not having resources taken up by whatever product you choose.They all have to scan stuff at some point; either real-time or scheduled. After installing a product I usually to to trim down what they try and scan in real time and that usually will free up some resources. I don't use an email scanner because I rely on other corporate/retail environments to do that for me. Plus I set things to check my download only when I run them - not at time of download.

I like to use a total internet security product. One that has a firewall & anti-spy/virus rolled into one. I like the information the firewall side can give me, such as what is trying to get in as much as what is trying to get out. Plus, you usually can get much more granular control over how applications are controlled than in Windows Firewall.

For me I have had pretty good luck with ZoneAlarm Internet Security Pro (not free version but the next one up) and Trend Micros' Internet Security.  But really it's preference based on your Windows environment...


Usually every few weeks, Frys has web site sale on these two products (and others) where you can get them with 3 user licenses free after a rebate.


Thanks for your views on the subject, I really dont like norton because it feels like its more of a resource hog than any other AV app that i have used.
I do have UAC on, but i would like some piece of mind by also having an active AV (plus my pals wont think i am crazy for not having an AV on my system ;p )

What are your thoughts on bitdefender 2008? two of my pals have recommended it and theres a special right now in my area for this product.

I like that Bitdefender lets you protect 3 PC's for the price of one (at least the ones sold on the website). Good bang-for-your-buck. The best thing you can do is rely on your friends and read 'real-world' users accounts of how they liked the software. Two great places for the latter is Amazon and Newegg.

Some real user reviews:
Amazon User Reviews 2 out of 5 stars total


After reading some of the user reviews of Bitdefender - biggest gripe is lack of customr support and failure of auto-updating.
I have used bitdefender, Kaspersky, and Nod32. All three are pretty high up on being great antivirus software and they can function on vista 64x. I would personally suggest either kaspersky or nod32, I lean toward the latter more because of less resources being used, they are certified by 2 independent labs, plus they have taken the coveted VB100 award and AV comparatives award multiple times. Plus there was a large incident with kaspersky a couple months ago removing a file that kept windows from running. Nod32 by Eset does have a firewall to go along with it if you choose the security suite but in all truth most security suites are lackluster.
I would steer clear of anything which calls itself "security suite" or "internet security...". These packages almost always come with all sorts of whistles and bells which you do not need and which gobble up your pc's available resources.
If friends recommend an av, that is a much better reason to check it out than anything posted here. Bitdefender has a good track record...


Thanks guys, since this is just opinion and no real right answer i'll accept all your answers and split points....

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