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Audit32.exe hangs in memory

I'm having a slight problem.  Track-IT! Audit32.exe just hangs in memory after I run it.  It used to work but now it does not.  It stop a few days ago.  There is no error in the error logs.  I have checked user rights.  Any idea?
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I've found one reference ot what you are asking:


Audit32.exe Won't Run At All on Dual Core Processor Machines with Symantec Antivirus 10.x or Spy Sweeper Installed
Article ID: TIA02637
Third Level ID: TL720481
Found In: Numara Track-It! 7.0 Audit32
Status: Released
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      When attempting to run the audit on a dual core processor machine that has Symantec Antivirus 10.x or Spyware Sweeper installed, it may not appear to run at all (audit32.exe only appears to be sitting in Task Manager while not using any CPU time).

      This occurs regardless of audit mode being used and regardless of whether Quick Scans or Full Scans are configured for the audit.

      NOTE: This issue may easily be confused with another issue in which the audit will start to run but will hang sporadically during its software scan on random directories. To see if you are experiencing that issue instead, take the following steps:

         1. Open the Auditcfg.ini file in the Track-It! Server directory with Notepad.
         2. Change the RunState= line to a 0 (Normal - Interactive mode)

            This will help to show the audit as it runs.

         3. Make sure the days of the week in the file match the current day and make sure the RunOnce= line is set to a 0.
         4. Run the Audit32.exe on the machine.

      If the "Welcome to Track-It! Audit" screen appears and the audit begins running after clicking Next, you may be experiencing the issue reported in article TIA02102.

      If the "Welcome to Track-It! Audit" screen never appears and Audit32.exe is sitting in the Task Manager processes list while not appearing to be processing at all, you are experiencing the issue reported in this article.


      This Issue has been resolved in Service Pack 1a ( for Numara Track-It!, version 7.0 and can only be applied if you are running Numara Track-It!, version 7.0. Hot Fixes and Service Packs are available to customers with a valid maintenance and support contract or reported the stated issue while under a valid maintenance and support contract or within the product warranty period. Click Here to login and obtain this update.



Thanks for the info. We don't have support but I believe that Symantec is the cause now.

Do you have the ability to post the article for TIA02102.?

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