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Internet Explorer 6 - What would cause the custom internet security settings in IE6 to be disabled?

I am using a web-based application at work that requires Javascript to be enbabled.  From the behavior of the web application, it appears that it is not.  However, when I go to enable scripting, I am not able to get to the setting to enable it.

Here is where I'm trying to set it:
Tools \ Internet Options \ Security Tab
No matter which zone is selected (Internet, Local intranet, Trusted sites, Restricted sites), both the "Custom Level" button and the "Default Level" button are disabled.

What controls these being enabled or disabled?
Are these set by a group policy?  If so, which specific policy enables/disables these buttons?

Is there any other way to enable Javascript (either elsewhere in IE, or via the registry)?

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SweatCoder - Please re-read my question above.  I already know where to find the js setting, but cannot reach it because the "Customized Level" button is disabled (the button shown in #2 of the link you gave above).  My question is how does that button get disabled??
1- Are you logged in as an Admin on the box?
2- Is there a group policy in place that prevents this from being set? This could probably only be the case if your pc is attached to a domain at work and your network admins like to really lock down stuff like this.


I am logged in as an admin on the box.
And your question 2 to me, was actually my original question!!  My question is is there a group policy that would cause this behavior -- if so, which specific policy?

And is there another way to enable (outside of IE) javascript?


I feel like you're not reading my original question -- please read my question fully before responding.
Does anyone else know the answer to my original question??

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