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insert & update query is very slow on weblogic

I have an application on weblogic server using sybase database. It execute select query , get some data , manipulate it and update/insert into another table.
But the inserting / updating is very very slow like it adds one row in 40 seconds on avg.
table is very huge and we have indexing also.
Btw the same application runs very fast on another server (Sybase EA server) so I dont understand what is the problem. it cannot be a database problem since it runs so fast on EA server. Only running on weblogic creates a problem.
Weblogic is supposed to be faster than EA server i thought. Please help  me with this. It is pretty critical.
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You may need to run Update Statistics on the table(s) in question followed by an sp_recompile.  That is usually the culprit when two Sybase servers have drastically different performance.


We dont use any stored procedure or triggers. Also application servers are different but sybase database server is the same. So sp_recompile doesnt help.
Basically application is deployed on to 2 different application servers. (EA server & WEblogic). Application is talking to same sybase dataserver. But for Weblogic application runs slow & on EA server it is good.

Try setting up RIBO on a windows box and route the WEblogic traffic through it.  RIBO is an option install tool on the Windows client disk that is a "protocol tap" for TDS.  It looks like a server to the client (in this case WEblogic) and a client the database server.  It captures and logs TDS in excruciating detail and allows you to report on the traffic stream at various levels.  It will tell you more than a network protocol analyzer about TDS.

You might want to have the network folks put an analyzer on the link and/or use Wreshark to take a look at the gross network traffic.  It may be you have some generic network issue between the WEblogic server and the database machine.


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