How do I remove a Norton Ghost file backup index?

I installed Norton Ghost on a client computer and had to change the backup strategy a couple of months later.  Ghost has old versions of the file backup "saved" in it's index, so deleting the actual backup files from the backup destination only frees up space but doesn't cause Ghost to re-backup the files.  Ghost still thinks they are backed-up.  Note, this is a file-by-file, not an image backup, so the removal of recovery points doesn't seem to have any effect.
I am trying to avoid a reinstall by simply removing all the old ghost backup indexes so it starts from scratch on the next backup.  Thanks.
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So defining the backup files and starting a new backup doesn't update the index?
In Ghost 12, select the Tools icon on the left.  Then Manage Backup Destination, and then Settings.  There is options for limiting space fo file and folder settings.  Maybe also the Cleanup icon will help.

If the Ghost 12 registry/index is corrupted, maybe something more drastic is needed.
pdxmemberAuthor Commented:
Defining new backups just seems to add to the index.  For example, I deleted all backup jobs, deleted all the backup data -- all of it, including the top-level-folder, then recreated a new file and folder backup.  The new job only backed-up some of the data (an incremental backup) as was obvious by the size of the files in the backup source.  Then when I view the source files in explorer, right-click on them and choose Norton's show versions, I only see a version from the old backup set.  Of course a test restore of this file fails because I had deleted the backup data.  So Norton still has an index of the old backup job somewhere.

The comment on a "cleanup" icon is a good suggestion.  I will try that next time I'm with my client.  I was with the system for 3 hours this morning, but won't be for a while.

Good news, however, it seems that Norton has gone ahead and backed up all the data now.  I'm not sure why after a week it has decided to do that.  The old backup versions that are not restorable are still in the index, but at least there are newer ones.

Thanks for the help.  That's probably all that's needed for now.  I'll try the cleanup next time I'm there.
This won't help with your current problem, but FYI even though I use Ghost 12, I ONLY use the image-backup feature.  I don't use the file backup feature which was added in this release.  The reason I don't is that I don't like the proprietary format of the Ghost files and folders backup when I am essentially just trying to backup data folders.  For sector-image-backup of the partition, that's another story.

There are many excellent file/folder backup programs.  I have used folderclone, goodsync, syncbackse but I know there are others that are also good.  Depending upon your requirements, some will only copy over changed files, some have options to keep n generations, etc.

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pdxmemberAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the tips.  I'm new to Ghost and liked the simple interface for my clients.  At first I was having trouble restoring individual files from an image.  I now know how to do that.  However, the right-click-show versions is such a handy feature of the file backup.....   downside to the file by file is the wasted space of a duplicate backup......
I'll check out your other suggestions.  
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