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Deleted files reappear after reboot of PC

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Last Modified: 2009-03-05
I am coming across a problem where deleted files keeping re-appearing on my desktop everytime I reboot
my machine. I understand this may be a server issue, if so, how can this be overcome?
Many Thanks!
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Run Rsop.msc and check if the GPO option "Don't save settings at exit" is
enabled, this setting is under user->administrative templates-> desktop
If this doesn't fix it, it may be because you have a roaming profile stored on the
server in the same location as a redirected my documents -- both to
\\<ServerName>\%Username% for example.

When you delete the desktop icon, it goes away from the desktop and server,
but because the server location is set to sync on logoff, the server sees the
file version in the offline version stored in the user profile directory in
My Documents on the local computer and puts it back on the server location.
Then, the next time you log in, it will see the file back in the server copy
of the desktop folder and push it to the desktop making it reappear.

I have seen this happen a few time in places where they had roaming profiles
working and thought to use some of the features of folder redirection for My
Documents or the like and didn't realize that they were sending them to the
same place. The offline synchronization kicks in a makes a bit of a circular

The Fix: In the short term, the file will go away if you delete it in both
locations. In the long term, you will need to move folder redirections to a
location outside of the roaming profile.


I am still looking into. Apologies for the delay in closing/updating.

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