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How to use Disk Mirror under disk managment?

xewoox asked
Do anyone know what cause the task 'Add Mirror...' disable in Computer Managment. I am trying to mirror my system drive. When I right click on the system drive, no 'Add Mirror...' show up.  Any idea?
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I assume you have a second hard drive installed?
Have tyou met the requirements

" At least two hard-disk drives; IDE, small computer system interface (SCSI), or mixed architecture is permissible.
" The second drive must be at least the size of the volume on which the operating system boot and system files reside to permit mirroring.
" The Windows Server 2003 system and boot files must reside on the same volume to be mirrored.
Note The memory dump file is written only to the boot hard disk. Windows Server 2003 can continue to work with a mirrored system disk configuration even if one of the disks in the mirror is removed. However, the memory dump file cannot be written to the remaining system disk in the mirror. You must schedule a system restart for the memory dump file to be written to the remaining hard disk.


are you sure you want to do this? software raid can slow down your machine as there are two writes per write
hardware raid had its own controller and is a lot quicker  (just a thought)

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