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Reinstaling SQL Sever 2005 Reporting Services

Hello -
We are starting to use Reporting Services and while trying to do some configurations I realized that the inital installation must have not completed correctly as some of the tools are missing and I am getting odd errors while tring to navigate to the web config tools.   I planned to simply un-install and re-install but just wanted to know if anyone have any caveats first.  Also will it require more than 1 reboot and approx how long?  Any help is relaly appreciated.  Hoping this will be a simple process!
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Why not try doing a modify to add the components missing?  Or... Try doing a repair to fix existing components.


Actually, I should have mentioned that I did try to run a modify -  it did not add any components.  I will try a repair now first.


Will the repair require a reboot -  if so I will need to wait until most of our office has left.
The repair MAY require a reboot.  It depends on what it has to repair.


So repair didnt' do anything.  I've uninstalled and reinstalled but when we restarted the server the Report Server databases didn't come up.  DO I need to re-attached them?  If so where are the files?

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