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Laptop, cursor jumps for no reason while i am typing...

I have a problem with my cursor. I'm using a new acer notebook running vista. No matter which app I am using I can be typing when the cursor will switch up to a previous place inserting the text I am typing. very frustrating to say the least!
I have carefully watched and my hand is not near the touchpad and it happens with or without my usb MOUSE plugged in.

In all applications, different times, jumping erratic lines/spaces. I've tried a USB mouse, I've tried w/out any mouse - all to no avail.It s NOT accidental touching of the pad...

I have searched the net but have not found anything really useful other than "touchfreeze", other than that, can you recommend anything to solve this damn prob?

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Check for driver updates.
If you have the option in BIOS setup, disable the built-in pointing device and see if that helps.

Also, try safe mode or a bootable Live CD (e.g. Knoppix) just to see if it has anything to do with windows (drivers or other active software).

If the problem is with you even in Knoppix, it may be a malfunction with the touchpad and you may have to have the unit serviced.


Thanks, will get back to you guys after i try what you said...

In the meantime, please feel free to add more comments if you think they will help (new people too)


No objection from my side... the only reason i didnt award this is that neither suggestion worked.

I am using touchfreeze with partial success...
Forced accept.

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