Frontpage/Expressions Form creation

I have a frontpage form that I would like to be able to choose one of two 'submit' buttons.  If they click button1 it submits to email distribution list A. If they click button2 it submits to email distribution list B.

Currently the form only has Button1. I'd like to add the 2nd one because in some cases we need the form to go to both groups but most of the time just the "list A" group.

Is this possible? I'd like to make it so the person using the form doesn't have to fill out 2 separate forms to get this done.
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James MurrellProduct SpecialistCommented:
not sure possible in frontpage but should be in asp...

another option > if backend is db is to add a tick box for list1 and list2 then for each list just query the results for true in list1 or list2
ZakorizAuthor Commented:
I agree, the frontpage Form wizard itself probably cant do this.. but I suspect it is possible in some other way to create a form that sends an email and can have more than one 'recipient' choice (separate buttons or whatever).
My problem is, I dont know how to begin coding such a thing.  My IIS server can handle ASP but I dont know the language to make it work.
James MurrellProduct SpecialistCommented:
take a look at for asp code
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ZakorizAuthor Commented:
That link redirects me to someone's blog.. are you sure its correct?

As a side note, I did manage to build an ASP based form that doesnt rely on FrontPage extensions. I still dont know how to make a 2nd button work though.
James MurrellProduct SpecialistCommented: whoops forgot the 's'


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ZakorizAuthor Commented:
Ill give that a shot. thanks
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