windows media player: caption name of the fullscreen window?


What is the caption name of the fullscreen window in wmp?
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
thanks I coudl never get the minibar to work funny that,
yes I see you have the missing TEXT did you remove that? clever
 I'm not clear now on what's the problem, sorry.
Recapping you don't have the Text obviosuly  did you create a VB and set the regestry key to hide it and now you want it back?
Yoiu want WMP to play in full screen?
You wish to know the program name of the full screen? in the regestry I take it
I don't know sorry

Info center View?
windows media control
windows media player control
check this out after some searching of course

VALUE="0"> <PARAM NAME="fullScreen" VALUE="0"> <PARAM NAME="SAMIStyle

Don't really know what you mean, but you click one of the icons bottom right of screen to get full screen or press Alt+enter while the video is playing.
kiggsondromeAuthor Commented:

The window title that usually appears in the titlebar. I know
that the fullscreen window most likely has a name, I just
wasn't able to grab it sofar.
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Here is avery good Guide Mastering WMP11.     5 megs
kiggsondromeAuthor Commented:

Sorry, but I need the name microsoft programmaticaly
gave the fullscreen window.

I know there are ways to get this info with vb, problem
is it would possibly take me hours to get there.

Do you mean you want a VB script to Display the Microsoft Logo in WMP11?
SAMI style is not applied by default when using Media Foundation
If Windows Media Player uses the Windows Media Format SDK or DirectShow to render a file and the SAMIStyle property is not set, the first style defined in the SAMI file is used by default. If Windows Media Player uses Media Foundation to render a file and the SAMIStyle property is not set, no style is applied to the caption text.

Microsoft is aware of this issue and is working to provide a resolution in future releases.

Captions might not be displayed in closecap sample
In Windows Vista, the closecap sample might not display captions.

You can fix this problem by editing the following line in the ccsample.smi file

.ENUSCC {Name:'English Captions' lang: en-US; SAMIType:CC;}

Insert a semicolon after 'English Captions'. The edited line should look like this.

.ENUSCC {Name:'English Captions'; lang: en-US; SAMIType:CC;}

To find the ccsample.smi file, locate the directory where you installed the Windows SDK, and navigate to Samples\multimedia\WMP_11\media.

kiggsondromeAuthor Commented:

I think I found a sample to make this clear:

The desktop in xp has the name/title :  "Program Manager"

If you know how to get the name "Program Manager" with vb
you should be able to get the name of the wmp fullscreen window.

Basically it's the text in the titlebar (the titlebar is hidden for
these displays).

ooooo I think your referring to the title bar?
the text at the top that says wmp? included a snap, this a shell  I  think.
like this?
kiggsondromeAuthor Commented:

Yes, in vb it's called a form, and it can have a
visible or a hidden titlebar.

I looked in the registry, but it seems the titlebar text
for the fullscreen form/window can not get defined there.

I've already found an alternate solution to what I need to do,
but I'd still like to know the name of the fullscreen window
if possible.

kiggsondromeAuthor Commented:

It looks as if this is not easy to find, maybe microsoft
left the titlebar field for the fullscreen window empty.

I'll give up on this question if there's no further info
in  a few days.

Don't know I have that title bar Windows Media Player in full screen using WMP 10 on Xp.
Do you have your media player is skin mode?
Not quite sure what you mean any chance of a snapshot?

What was your work around?

kiggsondromeAuthor Commented:

This screencap is from wmp, the only
other mode I found decent was classic but it didn't
give a title either.

The workaround is to focus a few "widgets" to take
foreground instead of pushing wmp into background.

There's a (very) minor problem with my mini taskbar
occasionally vanishing for a split second when I click it.

kiggsondromeAuthor Commented:

Now that you mention it I remember downloading
an enhanced version of wmp (not from ms), so
that might be the version I'm using and it's possibly
someone else who has deleted the title text.

Sorry for not remembering sooner, I'll have to
leave it at that for now and will be moving this
question out of the archiv.

Btw, the minibar you saw on the screencapture
is not from ms, it's called ftbar.

Gosh good thing you remembered.
good call chalk that one up for sure.
Thanks for sharing your problem always interesting to learn knew solutions.
Cheers Merete

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