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how can i update end users proxy exception list?

Jay Thomas
Jay Thomas asked
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Last Modified: 2010-04-21
Hello, I have a remote office to which i must add a proxy exception. I can't use AD and the users cannot edit the exceptions list as they are using an 'automatic configuration script' to which i have no control over.

Is there a registry key entry that i can edit that will add the address to the exceptions list?
Thank you
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You can try by adding bypass entry to the following registry :

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\[ProxyOverride]

As you might be administrator, if you want to put the same entry to other user's profile as well then you need to put it under HKEY_USERS\<User SID>\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\[ProxyOverride] for all users one by one. Also you need to put it into HKEY_USERS\.default as well.


Thank you. I'm logged on as an administrator, would this key not be available to a standard user then?
Also, if i updated the 'default user' under HKEY_USERS would this not apply to all users? And the user SID entries. Are these only visible when a user is logged on and are removed when they log off or once someone has logged onto the system, there user SID stays there permantley?
Thanks again.
Yes HKEY_Current_USer is only applicable to the logged in user only. It's a good query about users logging on and logging off. If in your organization users have local profile then only the above solution will work. Where if user is logging in first time he would get it from Default user where as users already have logged in once will have their registry profile remained on the machine and gets updated through HKEY_Users\<SID>. But for  roaming profile, registry can be for current user only. There won't be user's registry under HKEY_USERS if he has already logged out. So to update the users in this case you need to have login script. But in your case I suppose you can put it in Programs Folder - All Users - Startup folder so every time someone logs in registry gets updated. It may not be the best solutino for time being I can only think of it.


Thanks very much.

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