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Error message when backing up Windows 2003 Server !?!

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Last Modified: 2011-10-19
I currently manage x2 servers in a Comprehensive School and one of them gives me the above error messages when trying to backup to my Ultrium3 tape drive (or to disk tbh).
I'm using Backup (windows) and Ultrium3 tapes (Sony - new).
I'm obviously logged on as domain admin with full priveleges, the strange thing is the files that it states are unreadable open perfectly fine.
Any help much appreciated.
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Under which account do you launch backup ? Are you local admin? is this a scheduled job? If its scheduled make sure when you created you specified correct login credentials.


hi, newborn1281,

I am logging on as the Domain Admin (also local admin) and I have tried scheduled AND realtime backups.
Any other suggestions?


Anyone ?


Well, considering this site is the " #1 IT knowledge sharing community ", I have received a REALLY poor response, I guess it's true that the " Experts " pick which questions to answer based on points!

Yes, it's absolutely true that experts pick based on points - that's why people posting questions should think hard about how quick a response they need and how hard/involved the question is before assigning a point value.

Try running scandisk on the drive, you may be seeing the start of a disk problem that's causing issues with the security descriptors on the files.  Also, ensure the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) is running and there are no errors/warnings related to the VSS service in the event logs.  If Exchange is on this system, take the ntbackup.exe file off the Exchange CD and try running that one to do your backups.


Thank you JjcampNR for your comments, however as the points cost ACTUAL money, some people cant afford to keep topping them up, therefore are a little more conservative with their points offering.

I understand that, but as experts points are how people get rewarded so it tends to be part of the decision when answering questions - although personally I start with questions with a low number of comments (which is how I found this one).

Did either of those links apply to your situation?  Any additional info that you've been able to find will be extremely helpful.
Have tried all above, to no avail, will put this problem on the back burner until I get more time, thanks for inputs from all concerned.

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