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Quota limit notifications under Exchange 2003

begar asked
hello everyone. We are about to establish some mailbox quotas in Exchange 2003 order to brake the continuous growth of size. I've found how establish quotas, and when to send notifications but when I went to customize this notifications, there is absolutly nothing to accomplish that. I'm very disappointed because Exchange is an excellent product but there's no tool to do such a task.

Googleing out there I've found 2 ways to do that

1.- Editing with a strange tools the dll where the notifications messages are stored. Really awful
2.- Quota Messaging Service.- A very rudimentary system with a very rudimentary installation, with a very rudimentary service that is always hanging.

Many people around the world uses Exchange and I can't imagine Administrators using both of these tools (maybe the second, but you've gotta convince me), so my question is: What is the best way to accomplish the task of notifying users about their quota limits??

thank you in advance
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The best way is to use the default message!
It sucks, is ugly and boring, but is very effective.

In case you want to edit the message you have to use those tips from Henrik Walther :


Yeah, I know...the default message. It's simple but effective in some cases, but in others don't. I wish to give some instructions for freeing space including some snapshots. How to archive, to move folders into another Data file, you know... I feel like the users would'nt pay attention if I send this kind of notifications....
Can you imagine everyday lots of users getting notifications with snapshots, they would reach the limit faster.
Just change the message to have a link to the recommendations, add it to your intranet or a hosted webpage in our machine.


Yes. I think that this is the best solution at the moment...editing the dll and inserting a link to the instructions...or a ref. to the images... HTML is fully supported It is'nt?

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