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backup for mas200

we have a mas200 server, v4.10, running on windows server 2003.
right now, i'm just copying the files from the entire MAS200 folder, to another hard drive.  it gets backed up from there to a removable hard drive system.  [ i really hate tape].

the backup [copy] works fine for all but about 13 files, but won't copy them because they are being used.

is there some sort of tutorial out there on best practices for backing up mas 200?
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Which files are not being backed up? Is there anyone in MAS90 when you are backing up?
I don't belive a tutorial is out there for backing up MAS90.

I am betting though that your files that don't backup are


and maybe activate.pvx - or I might be missing one.

Either way most of them are log files and are continually in use and probably aren't backup up depending on what backup software you have (somtimes with MAS90) even if you are backing up with the open file lock protection you will still see these files. as for the pvk files - Providex is a bit of a mystery to me (and probobly anyone who doesn't program in PVX.)

Anyway the only thing I can say is that the same files are never backed up since we have been running MAS90 for 6 years......but I have test restored MAS90 files from backup and have been sucessful.

We use symantec 11d....

MAS200 runs as a service and must be stopped in order to back up all related files.  We do this nightly: Make sure everyone is out of MAS200, stop the service, run the backup - an online service which takes approximately five minutes - and then restart the service.

If you want online solution I did see CARBONITE mentioned as good even for large database as MAS 200. First time you mail data on external drive and then on it does backup based on comparisons.

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