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Looking for a backup solution that supports Rev drive and network as backup source

I am interested in finding software that has the following features:

[ ] Ability to select Network as backup source
[ ] Ability to backup Open Files
[ ] Active Database backup
[ ] Runs as a Windows service
[ ] Backs up in windows native file structure (No proprietary formats)
[ ] Compatible with Rev drive

Of course price is a factor, looking to stay below the $200 price if possible, but please list options that meet the above criteria regardless.

Thank you.
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Top Expert 2007

Biggest issue is open files.

You can use the free robocopy fom a scheduled batch file for most of your stuff, or even NTbackup for that matter.

Not sure you will find an open file solution in your price range.

I hope this helps !
I found http://www.genie-soft.com/ will provide an adequate solution.

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