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Symantec Mail Security and Exchange 2007 SP1

paadmin asked
I am going to hopefully upgrade my Exchange 2007 Server to SP1 this weekend.

We use Symantec Mail Security for Exchange Version 6.0.3.. I called Symantec to determine if there were any known issues with the upgrade and they said:

The version you have is not certified but  you should not have any issues, the certified version will be version 6.05 and we do not know when that version will be released. When I asked if they had customers using the current version and had upgraded successfully the tech said they had quite a few users and no issues had been reported to them.

So My question is:

Are there any experts that can tell me of any issues I may expect to encounter by performing the upgrade to SP1 ?

I appreciate all of your help and suggestions,

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I performed the upgrade Last firday night, this software works fine with exhcange sp1.

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