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Server Usage Reports - Web activity

47lamy asked
The server usage report is running but missing data-(web activity and web traffic).
I have Standard edition, I am using one nic from a via router.
I have checked the settings for IIS and these are ok.  
Is it possibly the router? I am using SBS for DHCP, any suggestions?
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Principal Support Engineer
I don't believe it's possible for the server to track Web usage with a single NIC, since the traffic is not going through the server in that case.  You'll need to install a second NIC in the server and hook it up in a router-type configuration (i. e., one NIC connected to your LAN and the other connected to the WAN/Internet) in order to be able to track Web usage.

This appears to agree:

Click "Troubleshooting Monitoring," then scroll down a bit to "Usage information for Internet activity cannot be viewed in the server usage reports."

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