Problems backing-up Virtual Servers

My environment is currently using a backup application called BackupExpress(Syncsort) and we are backing up to disk (R200 - NetApp). After an upgrade to our VMWare(ESX) to version 3.5, my backups of the virtual servers are hanging, it is not tranfering files to its destination storage volume which is the NetApp box. Firewall was checked and it is not an issue. I uninstalled and reimstalled the backup agents to each virtual server that I'm having problems with but I'm still having issues. I'm not sure of what the problem is but if anyone out there knows about VMware -- I need your input.    Thanks
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SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would contact Syncsort, since it is there program.

Maybe they do not support ESX 3.5 for some reason.

Perhaps they have a patch or workaround.

I hope this helps !
If you need a get out of jail card check out for a nice backup solution (their gui helper doesn't work in 3.5 but the product is 100% functional from command menu). You can get full backups for free.
guapomanAuthor Commented:
SysExpert -- thanks I opened a case with the Syncsort, and yes they support ESX 3.5.. seems like they're baffled like me.
guapomanAuthor Commented:
JimboEfx -- thanks but using another backup software is not an option for me right now.
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