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Licensing Issues - SBS 2003

tvacc asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-05
We have paid for 25 licenses for SBS 2003. I'm getting the familiar "License Warning : Warning:  License usage for a product licensed in per server mode has exceeded the maximum number of licenses purchased and will prohibit further licenses from being granted." People are getting denied requests for printing, email, etc.

What is confusing is when I look in at Server Management>>Licensing. It says 25 licenses installed and 1 maximum usage. I know this isn't the most accurate measurement, but it always says either 24 or 1. I seem to get errors when it says 1. It never goes over my installed (paid for) number of licenses.

What's going on? Is there any way to see the real number of connected users? I need to know how many additional to purchase.
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Why dont you run in per user mode instead of server?
It is per user. This fixed itself (well, rather I figured out it wasn't accurately displaying the number of connected users). I added another 5 pack of licenses and the error went away.

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